Loving Hut

“Loving Hut is formed by a team whose passion is more than serving food. Their love for all beings, including our animal co-inhabitants, and their dedication to sustaining a safe and clean environment for us and our children for generations to come have inspired them to work ceaselessly in promoting veganism.” – Loving Hut

Loving Hut is a chain restaurant that is backed by the Supreme Master Ching Hai. The restaurants began opening up all over the world in an effort “to spread Veganism by serving healthy, organic, vegan food which in turn directly and indirectly helps to save animals and prevent animal cruelty”.

A few weeks back Amy, myself, and our very pregnant friend, Steph, went to Loving Hut located at 140 Spadina Ave – a deceiving address because it actually fronts on the south side of Richmond St W. I’ve always been very hesitant about going to Loving Hut for a couple reasons – mainly I find Supreme Master TV overwhelming and unnecessary in a restaurant where everyone there is already eating vegan and quite frankly I find it all to be a little too culty for my taste. But none the less, this blog is about vegan food and so I had to grin and bear it. (I realize that Green Earth has some connections with the Supreme Master, but they are  not owned/operated by the Supreme Master like Loving Hut is)

So, when you first walk into Loving Hut it is a bit confusing – similar to Rawlicious – it tries to combine upscale dining with a casual eatery. We were greeted with a smile and seated promptly, and the server was very friendly. For our dinner we ordered a little bit of everything to share between the three of us. Our dinner consisted of: Onion Rings, Savoury Strips, Satly Spicy Tango, Pad Thai, Lucky Chow Mein, Chocolate Cheese Cake, and Wild Blueberry Cheese Cake.

IMG_5128 IMG_5124 IMG_5122 IMG_5114 Onion Rings

We devoured the desserts too fast to get any pictures, they were just THAT delicious! Maybe next time ;)



The Loving Hut has some similarities to Green Earth for me, but doesn’t beat it. It is really good though. The portions are amazing and the food is awesome. I really liked this place and definitely want to go back to have more of their meat proteins cause they were great. Service wasn’t anything to write home about for me but the blueberry cheesecake definitely was. We didn’t even get a chance to take a picture because we scarfed it down so fast!



Loving Hut boasts an incredibly extensive menu – which I found overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Everything here is reasonably priced and reasonably tasty. I wasn’t much for the Pad Thai (very ketchup-y tasting) or the savoury strips (I can’t even explain… not that they were bad… just different). As I said before Loving Hut is a little too cult-y for me, so I likely won’t be returning. But, I mean, a cult that supports veganism really isn’t the worst kind of cult to support, right?



Know any great vegan recipes or products you think we should try? Email us at veggietoinfo@gmail.com!

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