Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger

“We’re committed to giving back to the communities where Gardein’s meatless foods are sold…we feel very good that our deliciously meat-free foods made with plant proteins, vegetables and grains will help nourish those most in need….” Yves Potvin, CEO, Gardein Protein International.

So far Jess and I have tried 3 Gardein products as Veggie T.O. and I’ve got to say, I want to try them all. I don’t care how long it takes, they are all so good and delicious in their own ways and I can’t get enough. I even made some for dinner for me and my boyfriend tonight, and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him any, they were just too good! (Sorry Ben!) But anyways for this review Jess and I tried the Gardein Beefless Burgers.

Now before I go on, we love Gardein, and not just because of their great products, but also because of their great company. Like it says on their packages: “How else do we keep the good things growing? We give to organizations that make the world a better place.” This year alone they’ve donated well over 100,000 meals and for 2009 the total number was over 330,000 to over 12 different organizations! Let’s hope they make it that much again this year! Check out their website for more info on organizations and giving back!

Now for the burgers!

Gardein Burger

On the burger we had tomatoes, pickles (which Jess and I both are obsessed with) and kale, yum! We also slathered our whole wheat buns with Vegenaise!

Where to buy: I get mine at Loblaws or Sobeys



These burgers were great, and what makes them different form other frozen burgers that I’ve tried is that they’re juicy. The texture is so much closer to what I remember real beef burgers being, except even better than those too! In 2 days it will be 9 years since I’ve had real meat so I can’t say much for the taste compared to real beef burgers, except for it tastes amazing. They are a bit thin but the quality makes up for that, there really isn’t anything to complain about here, it’s a 5 out of 5 every time for me.



Love. Gardein, you truly can do no wrong. I never was a burger person. I was a hot dog kinda gal since birth. I would eat “All Beef” hot dogs at least 2-3 times week, I’ve never tried a Big Mac or a Whopper. I hated burgers almost as much as I hate ketchup. After I became a vegetarian I quick replaced hot dogs with veggie dogs, and I barely noticed the difference. Slowly but surely veggie burgers of all sorts began to crop up into my life (mostly well meaning family members trying not to exclude me from cottage BBQ-ing). So, it was with hesitance that I ate my first veggie burger. Fast forward almost ten years and here I am, shunning veggie dogs and praising veggie burgers. I love veggie burgers, I will try ANY vegan burger that ever gets put out on the market. And so, here we are trying Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger. Sounds pretty epic, no? It is. I love this burger. Does it a taste like a beef burger? No, at least not the ones I remember… and I am thankful for this! This burger is fantastic. Would make a great addition to any summer BBQ, it might not taste like a beef burger, but I promise you that your meat eating friends won’t mind!



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