Lush Bath Bomb

We believe that animals should not suffer and die to test cosmetics or their ingredients. At LUSH, we have a strict no animal testing policy that has been the driving force behind our thirty year battle to end animal testing.” – LUSH Cosmetics

Lush has been fighting Animal testing for over 30 years, and the founders have been fighting it since before Lush’s inception. This is what makes Lush one of our favourite companies to test and review. “On March 11th, the European Union officially became the world’s biggest cruelty-free beauty market by banning the sale of newly animal-tested cosmetic products and ingredients.” – LUSH Cosmetics. It’s great that parts of the world are recognizing this problem and fighting it. But the question stands, if it’s possible for the EU to be cruelty free, then how hard can it be for us? Help us and Lush fight the battle against Animal Testing and sign the HSI/Animal Alliance Be Cruelty-Free petition today!

The last Lush post we did was for their Dream Cream, this time around we tried their Sex Bomb bath bomb. Which is really cool by-the-way. If you’re ever in one of their stores at the right time you might be lucky enough to catch a demonstration, or just go buy one and try it yourself cause it’s totally worth it!


I saw an interesting review of the Lush bath bombs once where the person cut the bomb into pieces just to use on her feet. This is definitely something I would try sometime as the scent of the whole bath bomb this time was a bit strong for my sensitive nostrils. And I also tend to neglect my poor little toes most of the time, so they could use some extra loving. This particular bath bomb contains things like Jasmine, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang to relax you in the bath, as well as Soya milk to soften your skin.



“Other than the Dream Cream I haven’t really tried anything else from Lush, but being happy with both of these products has just made me to want to try more!

I tried the bath bomb and I didn’t know what to expect. I dropped it into the bath and it doesn’t waste any time! The water was bubbling and turning a bright milky pink right away; it was pretty cool to watch. If you want to see a bath bomb in action sometimes they do showings in store. I enjoyed the scent of this bath bomb, though it was a little overwhelming after awhile, not unpleasant, just extremely potent.

I’m happy with their customer service especially in store, they remind you when the products you’ve chosen expire and to stir them when you get home. I would definitely try more products!”



“I know people often complain or dislike the overwhelming aroma of Lush stores and products. I am not one of these people. I love it. I can’t get enough of it! It is hard for me to take this stuff home on the subway because all I want to do is jam my nose in the bag.

The Sex Bomb bath bomb is no exception. I LOVE this bath bomb. Honestly, this isn’t my first time using this particular bath bomb and it most certainly won’t be the last. It isn’t like some cheap bath bomb where the scent fades away and leaves you with murky coloured water that makes you rethink why you bothered wasting your money – no, this is a bath bomb that stays fragrant no matter how long you seem to stay in the bath. It is bold. It is sensual. It is the Sex Bomb.

The only negative side to this bath bomb (or any coloured bath bomb really) is the residue it leaves behind when you have a less than pristine tub like mine. But not too worry, it comes off significantly easier than any other soap residue you’ll find lurking in your tub!”



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