Gardein Buffalo Wings Dinner

Jess is a phenomenal cook. A lot of the recipes on here on her creation, and any food that we’ve made has solely been her doing. I mostly just stand around, making a mess and trying to do what she tells me to, which usually results in me dropping something. So for dinner at Jessica’s today we had Gardein‘s Buffalo Wings (drool!), Jessica’s Pasta Salad and Celery with a Vegan Ranch Dip. For this post we’ll be reviewing the Buffalo Wings.

Gardein Buffalo Wings

Where to buy: Sobey’sMetroLoblaws, as well as Essence of Life Organics(in Kensington Market).

I’ve had my eye on the buffalo wings for a while now, and I’m so glad we were able to try them. They actually tasted so good, and the sauce that came with them was phenomenal. Even before I decided to give up meat I never had wings, of any sort. I guess in that sense my opinion on them as wings won’t really count but as a product they are soooooo good!



Best and only wings I’ve ever had. Best fake meat product I’ve ever had. Best dinner product I’ve had in a while. They tasted so good, they were amazing as a meat replacer but they were also amazing as a food, if I ate meat and you gave me the choice between these wings and real buffalo wings, I’d choose these every time. But I’m biased of course ;)



Love, love, love these. Love them with the mediocre ranch dip, love them on their own. I love Gardein, they can pretty much do no wrong.



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