Earth Balance Buttery Spread

We heart the earth. In fact, we heart it so much that we named our entire line of products after it. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our world, and the people who live here, safe.” – Earth Balance

Earth Balance was introduced in 1998 as the all natural version of GFA Brands successful Smart Balance product. Now Earth Balance is just as successful and is one of the top selling butter alternatives on shelves!

A lot of people ask why it’s called ‘buttery spread’ and not just ‘margarine’ and they have many important answers why. “Earth Balance Buttery Spreads don’t contain any hydrogenated or interesterified oils, preservatives or emulsifiers found in most margarines and other butter alternatives. Our Buttery Spread is a natural option with 0g of trans fat and award-winning flavor. It’s beyond margarine—it’s something better.” – Earth Balance

They have some great Palm Oil Initiatives and also partner with the Orangutan Foundation International, which is dedicated to saving wild Orangutans and their habitat. So cool!

Earth Balance

Earth Balance is amazing! Before this tub I had never tried it before, but Jess had talked about it all the time, so I really wanted to see what the fuss was about. I finally bought it and surprisingly it’s about the same price as a normal tub of butter! Also it tastes amazing, you can use this spread anywhere that you would use normal butter. So far I’ve had it on toast (loved it), popcorn (THE best so far), sandwiches (couldn’t tell the difference) and in baking today. I made muffins today and I decided to make half the batch with Earth Balance and half with Margarine, just to see if there was a difference. I decided to make Simple Yet Amazing Banana Muffins from VegWeb!


The black wrapper is the Earth Balance and the pink wrapper is the margarine. As you can see the margarine muffin definitely puffed up more but it’s totally fooling you, it didn’t cook through at all, it was still mushy in the middle. Luckily since there’s no raw egg in the recipe the half cooked muffins are still okay to eat…if you like half cooked muffins (yuck!) I enlisted the help of my mom the meat-eater for the review on this one (since the other muffins have margarine).

Where to buy Earth Balance: Loblaws, Metro, Essence of Life



Love, love, love Earth Balance. I love it so much more than Margarine or butter. It has a way better taste on everything, it has MORE taste, if that makes sense. And the muffins with Earth Balance tasted amazing, I wouldn’t have them any other way!



Looks like butter, can be used like butter, and it tastes better than butter. I used to eat a ton of butter back in the day…like 10 squirts of it on my popcorn. Now I make popcorn at home and smother it in Earth Balance and it’s just fantastic. It’s an organic, non-gmo, buttery spread, what could there be to complain about?


Meat-Eater: Patricia

I like Earth Balance, the only bad thing I could say about it is that it’s hard to spread but if I leave it out of the fridge for a little bit I’m sure that would help. The Earth Balance muffins were way better than the margarine ones. They were sweeter and cooked all the way through, the Earth Balance gave it a much nicer taste than the regular Margarine. It’s like the margarine muffins were missing something, probably the banana, I could taste the banana way more with the Earth Balance.


3 thoughts on “Earth Balance Buttery Spread

  1. celestedimilla says:

    I just discovered Earth Balance last Christmas when I was visiting my parents and made cookies at their house. The Earth Balance cookies turned out delicious – I don’t think anyone even knew they were vegan. A few weeks later when my parents spent the night at my house my dad asked if I had any butter (he should know better by now). I gave him Earth Balance and he said it tasted just like butter to him. Anyway, I love your blog.

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