Buddha’s Vegetarian Kitchen

You have to use your imagination!” – Buddha’s Vegetarian

If you’re looking for a great little hole in the wall that’s easy, cheap and casual, then this is the place. It’s tough to find anything out about this little place but I think that leaves a bit of mystery. The food comes in great quantities at a great price, the most popular keywords you’ll find in any reviews of this place are “share,” and “leftovers.” And they don’t lie!

Imitation Duck

By far their best and most popular dish is the “Imitation Duck.” Which is really just bean curd and taste nothing like I would imagine duck tastes like, but it’s amazing! You can never get a big enough serving of this, I could literally (LITERALLY!) eat a large plate of this all to myself, and when I say large I mean it; even their small dishes are share-worthy.

This time around we brought our meat-eating friend, Carolyn, who has had real duck before, and was brave enough to ask why this dish is called “Imitation Duck.” We didn’t really get the answer we were looking for, but the best answer we could have asked for: “You have to use your imagination!” Said the lady at the front.

We also had the 3 types of mushrooms with vegetables and fried noodles and their Hot and Sour Soup.

3 Mushrooms/Veggies and Noodles Hot and Sour Soup

WARNING: The one thing on their menu that is not vegan is the E-Fu Noodles, so if you’re vegan keep an eye out for those.

Buddhas Vegetarian Kitchen
666 Dundas Street W
Neighbourhood: Kensington Market

(416) 603-3811

Monday: 11am-9pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wed-Sun: 11am-9pm



The first time I tried Buddhas I had takeout, so I never saw the actual restaurant. Jess knows how big their portions are so when she ordered she knew that when you order from Buddhas, you order to share. If you don’t like sharing be prepared to have leftovers. My favourite dish they have is the Imitation Duck, still not quite sure why it’s called imitation duck, as it tastes nothing like duck. But whatever you call it, it tastes damn good and I would be happy just eating plates of that and nothing else! Everything else is pretty standard for a Chinese menu, or Hong Kong style as they call it, with things like Noodles, fried veggies, rice, and tofu, and it’s all greasy. Each dish only varies slightly; each one is very similar to the next. I’ve been to the restaurant now and its pretty small and cramped, but not a bad atmosphere, servers are polite and food comes really fast. If your really hungry and you want food fast, this is the place to go.



I’ve been a going to Buddha’s for several years now, and the one thing I’ve always noticed is consistency. The food hasn’t changed much, and I like it that way. The Bean Curd Sheet/Imitation Duck is just amazing, though I hear it tastes nothing like duck, and majority of the dishes contain mushrooms which I love. If you are looking for budget friendly, large portioned, greasy Chinese food (all things I love) this is the place to be. I can’t even begin to describe how large the portions are at this place- it is insane.


Meat-Eater: Carolyn

As far as cheap eats go, I can see the draw for this place, the potions are huge and the price is low.
The place struck me as a university mecca where those on tight budgets go to eat cheaply and can survive on leftovers for days!
I found the food decent .Basically you get mountainous potions of food which is great, but the food itself is mediocre
Standouts: The imitation duck was bar far the best thing they offered.
The staff was very kind and service was fast.
Overall, I think Buddha’s is the ideal place for grabbing a huge bowl of greasy noodles.

Know any great vegan recipes or products you think we should try? Email us at veggietoinfo@gmail.com!

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