Beware of Limbo Dancers – Sneaky Dee’s Vegan Nachos

“Sneaky Dee’s (known to locals as “Dee’s”, “Sneak’s”, or “Sneaky’s”) has opened their arms and wrapped them tight around our bustling metropolis. This big bear hug has touched Toronto civilians and tourists alike and it’s born a vibrant community.” Sneaky Dee’s

In 1987 the original Sneaky Dee’s opened up on Bloor and has remained a family business, with 3 generations currently working at its College location, which houses the restaurant and the concert venue. The current operations manager is George Diamantouros who is a vegan himself, and when asked what he would tell a potential customer to entice them come he coolly replied that instead of enticing customers himself he let’s the customer’s opinions speak louder, and I honestly agree. It reminded Amy of one of her favourite quotes: “I’ve never learned anything while I was talking.” – Larry King.

Sneaky Dee's outside 2

Sneaky Dee’s presents itself without pretension – its walls are littered (and I mean that in the best way possible) with a mix of the daily specials boards, posters, graffiti from diners past and present, and frames upon frames of Sneak’s sponsored children’s sports teams. It is without hesitation that I say Sneaky Dee’s has become a staple of the community since it relocated in 1990.


During the day Sneaky Dee’s is a bustling restaurant serving up great Tex-Mex themed breakfast, lunch and dinner for even the most strict of diets (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, celiac). But by night the atmosphere changes; the lights are dimmer, the music slightly louder, and there is a growing line of folks waiting to get a table and their fill of nachos, and of course drinks. Trust us though, the nachos and the drinks aren’t the only reason to get down to Sneaky Dee’s; but you’ll just have to find out why for yourself.

On this occasion Amy and I shared the ‘best I’ve ever had’ Vegan Nachos, which I have had the pleasure of enjoying in the past.


Monday + Tuesday  11am-3am
Wednesday + Thursday  11am-4pm
Saturday  9am-4:30am
Sunday  9am-3pm

(416) 603-3090



Right from the start the customer service was great and accommodating. Was so easy to set up a time to go and try something from their menu. They even offered an interview with the manager as well, which I was super impressed with. The atmosphere in the early evening was quiet but comfortable, consistently the crowd grew and they turned up the music. George (the manager) was so friendly and inviting, seems like a very well rounded guy, answered all of our questions and was so easy to talk to.

We tried the vegan nachos, which were amazing btw. They had the perfect amount of black beans, and guacamole, maybe a tad too much lettuce but I can never complain about too much of something. Starting at the top you can tell the sauce is spicy and the lower down you eat the spicier it gets, but it’s always the perfect amount of heat. 

All in all an awesome experience and I can see why they are so popular. They have the most extensive vegan menu I’ve seen in Toronto. I heard the breakfast is awesome on Sundays too ;) so I can’t wait to try some more stuff!



I adore Sneaky Dee’s. Best vegan nachos in Toronto.



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