Lush Cosmetics – Dream Cream

“We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on
animals and in testing our products on humans.” – A Lush Life (video)

Lush started as the brain child of Mark Constantine and Liz Weir in the 70s and with Marks wife Mo, opened it’s first store in the early 90s and it’s first North American store in ’96. Now Lush has over 800 stores in 51 countries and is a well known household name. They have been fighting animal testing for more than 30 years and continues to test their products on human volunteers. They also have some awesome green campaigns like if you bring in 5 or more used Lush containers you get a free mask! They’re also really big on making sure 100% of their products and packaging are easily recyclable.

“Currently 83% of our products are vegan, and 100% of our creations are vegetarian.” – Lush Cosmetics. If you’re looking for their vegan products be sure to keep an eye out for the little signature ‘V’ on the bottles and packaging.

Vegan 'V'

Lush has some great in-store customer service! You can tell their employees are treated well making it easy for them to serve their customers as best they can. Which is why it’s totally believable that they won One of the 50 Best Employers in Canada this year! Congrats!

For this review both Jess and I tried the Dream Cream:

dream cream
The Dream Cream is actually their #1 Best Selling Product of all-time! With ingredients like Oat Milk, Rose Water, Cocoa Butter, Olive/Lavender/Chamomile and Tea Tree Oils it’s not hard to believe.



I have never tried any products from Lush before, and I don’t usually go in store as I find some of the fragrances kind of overwhelming. I went in-store recently, the smell was not as strong as I remember and I really enjoyed looking around at their products on display. They have a really well marketed brand. I have been pleasantly surprised with the Dream Cream, it does exactly what it says it’s going to do which is sooth and soften skin. As someone who suffers from extremely dry and flaky skin (especially in the winters) finding products that help rather than hurt the problem is daunting. I had pretty much given up on trying to find something, but this product feels and smells light and clean. It is a bit on the greasy side, but in comparison to some of my other creams it actually absorbs faster. I love this product and will totally continue using it, along with others!



I have mixed feelings about the smell of the Dream Cream. I’m not entirely sure what the combination of oat milk, lavender, and rose is supposed to smell like… but to me this smells a bit like sun screen. I feel nostalgic when I use this cream. That aside I spent a week and a half applying this to left half of my body and my regular lotion to the right. Needless to say the results were pretty dramatic. My regular cream, though less greasy initially, moisturized right away but left no lasting effects – the Dream Cream, however, seemed pretty greasy at first, but it quickly absorbs and doesn’t leave too strong a scent(but does leave smooth skin). I, also, found that on my Dream Cream leg I had fewer ingrown hairs!



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