Green Earth Vegan Cuisine – Toronto Location

Though it may just look like another hole in the wall on Broadview, Green Earth has much better things in-store for you than its neighbours. Holding about 10 tables, it is a very modest, casual restaurant. But truly is a vegan haven.

Crispy Nuggets

In my honest opinion, Green Earth is the most underrated vegan restaurant in all of Toronto – offering one of the most extensive vegan menus I’ve ever come across, it’s not hard to find something for everyone in your party. And yes, they even have gluten free and soy free options.

Though my love for their Crispy Nuggets, Eggplant Medley, and their INCREDIBLE “ice cream” is strong, this place does not come without some minor downfalls. When browsing through reviews you’ll find “complaints” of the Supreme Master TV (though it is no longer being played), the “cheap” decor(I’ll admit the mirrored wall is distracting when you aren’t dining alone but serves as entertainment for solo lunches), and that they sometimes only have either brown or white rice, but not both (I’m not bothered – either way I’m scrapping my plate clean).

That being said, after I eat here I walk out feeling full and happy. The service is quick (though not always the most knowledgeable), your glass is always full with lemon water, the food is delicious (and almost entirely homemade), the atmosphere is warm, and everything is vegan!

On this particular occasion Amy and I shared the always delicious Crispy Nuggets and the great but not the best I’ve ever had Vegan Nachos. I had the Eggplant Medley with rice followed by the Almond Bark “ice cream” and Amy had the Vegan Taco followed by the Green Tea Cheesecake.


Green Earth Vegan Cuisine Vegan Nachos Eggplant Medley Tacos Veganos Ice Cream Green Tea Cheesecake


Click here for Green Earth’s Website
Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 11am-9pm (CLOSED ON TUESDAYS)
Sunday 2pm-8pm
(416) 778-9199



I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant, I really don’t care if I get brown rice instead of white or vice versa. I would love for the chef to be my personal chef. Though I’d probably end up morbidly obese, a lifetime supply of Crispy Nuggets, Eggplant Medley, and Almond Bark “ice cream” would be entirely worth it. HEED MY WORDS – TRY THE “ICE CREAM” AND THE CRISPY NUGGETS – YOU ARE WELCOME!



Green Earth has been one of my favourite Vegan restaurants since I found out about its existence. The atmosphere is always quiet and it’s easy to have a conversation if you’re on a date or meeting a friend from lunch or dinner.

I haven’t tried a lot off the menu yet, but so far my favourite has been the “Tacos Veganos.” It has vegetable protein (fake meat), lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, salsa and vegan sour cream. I am a huge fan of guacamole, and I am also extremely picky regarding the amount. The amount on this taco was perfect, and the sour cream is so close to real sour cream that I couldn’t even tell it was vegan. I tried the vegan green tea cheesecake for dessert and it was soooooo good. I love matcha almost as much as I love guac, and this cheesecake just hit the spot. I never thought vegan cheesecake could taste so good!



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