Gardein’s Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n

Gardein(click here for their website) was founded by Yves Potvin, they are a growing company providing amazing faux meats with a focus on giving you the healthy protein alternative. On top of creating this wide range of amazing and delicious products, they are backed by outstanding customer service. Veggie T.O. has very little negative comments for them(we want more!), and are looking forward to(eventually) trying EVERYTHING in their range.

But for tonight, for our dinner, we tried the Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n(click here for Dinner at Jessica’s).


Where to buy:
Gardein’s Where To Buy store locator is a little out of date.
I’ve found their products in various Sobey’s, Metro, Loblaws, as well as Essence of Life Organics(in Kensington Market).

Average Brocolling 4.8/5



Doesn’t taste like chicken but it doesn’t need to taste like chicken to be good, much leaner and less dense than chicken. That being said, I’ve never tasted it without the sauce and sauce can have a great impact on the flavour.



This is my favourite meat replacer from a grocery store to date. The texture and flavour are so close to what I remember chicken being like, tender and delicious.



I personally consider myself to be a faux meat connoisseur and I most definitely agree with Amy this is the best meat alternative I’ve ever had. I’ve never been disappointed with any Gardein product I’ve ever tried, though I do wish there was more for the price, but this still gets a 5 from me based on the quality of the product.




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