“Do one thing, really, really well!” – Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle Beer

And they totally do!

Steam Whistle has become an iconic piece of Toronto, located at the John Street Roundhouse, a locomotive servicing station built in 1929, and later declared a Toronto Historic Landmark in 1990.  There’s is such history behind the building and you can hear such pride from the employees when they explain that it was completely serendipitous they named the brewery “Steam Whistle” and found a location that once serviced Steam engines!

Ever wonder why it says ‘3FG’ on your bottle? Steam Whistle actually started out as ‘3 Fired Guys‘ because the three founders were let go from one of Canada’s premier breweries. Afterwards on a canoe trip in Algonquin Park the founders (aka the 3 fired guys) Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell dreamed of owning their own brewery and making a beer that competed with the best in the world. Now almost every product can be found with a ‘3FG’ signifying the small beginning from which the brewery began.


Boy did they succeed! They have such a good brand, they really know what they want in a product, and they make sure that each customer knows exactly what they’re getting. With 95% of their waste kept out of landfills they are arguably the greenest brewery in Canada (or all of North America) so it’s only fitting that the bottle is green! The bottles are designed so that they can be used more than twice the amount of times other bottles can be, and they save trees by having paperless and glue-free labels! Leftover spent grains (combined ingredients) are donated to Wellington County farms to feed the animals. Between the product and practices, it’s easy to say they’re a brewery to be rivaled!

The pilsner beer follows the Bavarian Purity Act or Reinheitsgebot which was written in 1516 stating beers should only consist of four ingredients (Canada now allows some beers to contain over 100!). Steam Whistle uses only the finest and natural of these four ingredients:

Spring Water  – (sourced from Caledon, Ontario) Spring water is typically used in Pilsners as it is a harder water.

Malted Barely – (sourced from Saskatchewan) Known for it’s superior quality in harvest they use pale two row barley.

Hops – (sourced from Germany and Czech) Plays the biggest roll in the taste and aroma of the beer.

Yeast – (sourced from Czech) Bottom fermented (lager) yeast.

Barley, Spring Water, Hops

Each of these ingredients is natural and GMO-free, making it a vegan product (and an awesome one to boot).

The brewery boasts about its customer service and team, and rightly so! They don’t call them ‘the good beer folks’ for nothing! Everyone who works for the brewery is extremely knowledgable about the company and product, and they all exude such passion and enthusiasm. It was so easy to talk to them during the tour and they answered all of our questions, any that weren’t already answered by their extensive website that is!

Each tour is paired with a tasting (and damn does it taste good!) and you always walk away with something, other than a smile!

The Souvenir Tour includes a tour and tasting and you get an awesome Steam Whistle bottle opener when you leave! ($10.00)

The 6 Pack Tour includes a tour and tasting and you walk away with a 6 pack! Pretty awesome deal! ($15.00)

The 12 Pack Tour includes a tour and tasting and you get a 12 pack afterwards! ($26.00)

If you can’t make it out for an in-person tour, check out their virtual tour!

Mon- Thurs: Noon – 6pm tours start at 12:30pm
Fri – Sat: 11am – 6pm tours start at 11:30am
Sun: 11am – 5pm tours start at 11:30am

If you’ve been meaning to get around to see the brewery, just do it, it’s totally worth it!

Broccoling Scale:



With a combination of amazing customer service, an unrivaled product and unheard of green initiatives I give Steam Whistle a 6 on the broccoling scale, though the scale only goes to 5, but still it’s a 6 from me!




If there was one word to sum it all up: Impressive!


Know any great vegan recipes or products you think we should try? Email us at veggietoinfo@gmail.com!

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